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Bro. Ricky L Broadnax

Branch: Army 

Rank: E7

Job: Operations

Years of Service: 27 years

Status: Retired

Bro. Tamariay  Gordon

Branch of Military: Army

Rank: Sergeant


Years of Service: 02-08 

Missions: OIF V/OEF V

Status: Retired

Bro. Isaac Walls

Branch of Military: United States Air Force

Rank: Staff Sergeant

ob: Medic

Years of Service: 12

Status: Reservist

Bro. Earnest D Smith Jr 

Branch: Army
Rank: CPT Retired
Job: Signal Corp
Years of Service: 7 years

Status: Retired

Bro. Christopher Reed

Branch: U. S. Air Force

Rank: E-4

Job: Dental Technician

Years of Service: 1978-1982

Status: Honorable Discharge

Bro.  Michael James

Branch of Military: USAF

Rank Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col)

Job: Military Intelligence

Years of Service: 22

Status:  Active

Bro. Jeffery Lyons

Rank: Major

Branch: US Army (Active Duty)

Occupation: Armor (Tanks) Officer

Years of Service: 21 Years

Status: Retired

Bro. Wallace Phaire

Branch: Army National Guard 

Rank: E-4 Specialist

Job: 12Bravo Combat Engineer Assault and Obstacle Platoon/ 13bravo Boat Crew/ 62 Whiskey Heavy Wheel Mechanic  

Years of Service: 8 1/2 

Oversees: Kuwait/ Iraq- operation Iron Horse 03/ Operation Iraqi Freedom 03/ Operation Enduring Freedom 03

Bro. Greg Rocqmore

Bro.  Thomas "Jet" Jackson

Bro. Randall Chasten

Bro. Samuel Kicklighter

Bro. Antwann Jackson

Congratulations to Bro. and DOS Chapter President Antwann graduating from St. Leo MBA Business Administration - April 29, 2017.

Bro Rick Brodnax

Congratulations to our Brother @Rick . " Pretty Ricky is what they call him". On his recent graduation from St. Leo with his Bachelor's in Criminal Justice May 2017

Bro. Thomas "Jet" Jackson

Mr. Jackson was recently recognized for his 50-year career of service to the St. Petersburg Department of Parks and Recreation and to the greater Pinellas County community. Mr. Jackson began his career at a young age serving as a lifeguard at Demens Landing Park at a time when African- Americans were not even permitted to enter Spa Beach.


Mr. Jackson is a staple in the Tampa Bay area.


Bro. Dr. Cody Clark

Congrats to Bro. Dr. Cody Clark and his recognition of The Arts, Cultural & Heritage Award and outstanding work and service in the community at the Gathering of Women 2018 Awards Banquet.

Bro. Christopher Lampley

Congrats on his recognition of outstanding work and service in the community at the Gathering of Women 2018 Awards Banquet.

Bro. Greg Perkins

Was recently honored on June 2, 2018 by the Top Ladies of Distinction Inc. As Educators: Impacting the Lives, Times and Our Community. Mr. Perkins is a 30yr veteran, coach and mentor of the Pinellas County School System and still finds time to be impactful in his community. He is a Deacon at Friendship M.B. Church and the Sigma Beta Club Chairperson of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. He also works as an Youth Development Worker @ Thomas "Jet" Jackson.

Bro. Thomas "Jet" Jackson

On September 25, 2019 Delta Omicron Sigma Chapter own Bro. Thomas Jet Jackson received his 55 yrs of Service Plaque from the City of St. Petersburg. Jet as we call him started his career as a Lifeguard for the City during the the 60's where there was segregated facility. He first begin teaching young black children how to swim in the Tampa Bay in downtown St. Pete which is now called Demons Landing.


Mr. Jet continued his work with the City of St. Petersburg Parks and Recreation Department by moving up to Center Director running programs at different city Playlots, Campbell Park Recreation, Wildwood Recreation, now know as Thomas Jet Jackson Recreation named after him. 


His current position is Recreation Manager where he oversees (6) City Recreation Centers, all the City of St. Petersburg Adult Centers, Athletics Department and our Therapeutics Recreation. 


Mr. Jet is a hardworking young man who gives back to his community. He is humble and has strong ties to the City of St. Petersburg and has helped countless people in the city.


Mr. Thomas Jet Jackson has been a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. and  Delta Omicron Sigma Chapter for 50yrs. He has served a Past State Director, Chapter President and his current position as our Chaplain.


Let's congratulate Mr. Thomas Jet Jackson on 55 yrs service to the City of St. Petersburg.

Dr. Frederic Guerrier

St. Anthony's Hospital 2019 Physician of the Year

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